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Resin Jewellery & Gifts

Thank you to the few brave souls that vi
Resin Acorn
Butterfly Resin Earrings

When you visit our studio & shop one of the

first things you'll see are our jewellery

cabinets. We make jewellery in a variety of

styles and from a variety of materials, but

our resin jewellery is among our most

popular! We wanted to create a fun and

colourful collection that would allow us

to use our garden as inspiration. Our

botanical resin jewellery is always evolving, 

and because we preserve flowers from our own

garden, it changes through the year. We have

a traditional cottage garden in the Norfolk

countryside and grow for wildlife as much as

we grow for ourselves! Through the year we

collect flowers and foliage to press or dry, then

use them in our jewellery pieces and other products. If you'd like to see more of this side of things, please follow us on Instagram.


We get all our casting resin and much of our related jewellery supplies from

Resin 8, a resin specialist based in the Cotswolds. We love their ethics and the resin we use is vegan-friendly and non-toxic. If anyone is interested in having a go at making their own resin jewellery, they do great starter kits and this is how we got started in this craft! (This isn't a paid promotion btw, we just really love their stuff! There are many suppliers out there, but Resin 8 get our recommendation) 


Resin casting is a great craft if you enjoy experimenting and its certainly something we've enjoyed working with while putting together our jewellery collection. One of the best things is that each piece is unique. By using natural materials we ensure each finished piece has its own merits. We have a selection of our pieces available in our Etsy store, but to see the whole collection you will need to come and see us in person! 

Preserving flowers in silica crystals.
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