Our Products

Most of our products are made at our studio-shop in Holt, Norfolk. The shop is the only place to find our full collection, however we try to make available a number of our products online via our Etsy shop. You can visit the Etsy shop as a whole via the tab at the top of the page, or browse our galleries here to take a closer look first. Each product is available at the time of listing and if you click on the image you should be taken to the product page in our Etsy store.


We try to update the website the same day as products sell online or from the shop, but on rare occasions you may link to a sold product before we get there. We apologize for this, but as we don't produce hundreds to the same design sometimes its often difficult to keep up!. 

Most of our items are one off, either because of the materials used or the unique nature of handmade items. If you only wish to view available items use the 'Etsy Shop' link above, but if you're happy to browse, please explore the galleries below! To see a list of all the products we sell click here.


30cl Candle

Wax Melts

Wax melt


Resin Acorn

Resin Jewellery