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Back to the 9 - 5 (well, almost!)

After our Winter break we are starting to open up mid-week again from this week! We've taken the decision to trial closing on Thursdays and Sundays, as historically these have been our quietest days. At the moment I'm working on a 'see what the weather is doing' rota day to day, because sunny days are great, but Holt is particularly quiet for browsers on wet and windy day. Closing a day mid-week works really well for us as it gives the chance to catch up on the computer work, newsletters, online sales that we can't really do in the studio.

This week has been really busy for us for many reasons. Not only is it our first week back in the studio full time, we've also been working hard to add new work to our site. With the whiff of Spring in the air, we are adding to our colourful range of floral prints, ideally suited to home decor (but also great on clothing and tech cases!) . We currently still have a number of our older designs on our previous Redbubble site. Unfortunately we were unable to change our username when we started Folly and Roses, so had to start a new portfolio. Older designs are still available and purchases still help us greatly, but all new works will be uploaded to our new site.

Purple Primula Comforter available on Redbubble

We have lots of things in the pipeline, but I'm taking baby steps with some of the things on the to-do list. I'd like to create a physical newsletter to give away at the shop, as well as keeping up a regular stream on news via this new blog. We are also working on a number of information sheets for various products for customers who want to know a bit more about our choices and direction.

I hope you find our future blog posts useful and interesting, and please do connect with us on social media to keep up with all our news!

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