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We’ve been making and using these on our own fires for years. The firelighters are made using natural and waste materials from our workshop. We use a cup from an old egg box, filled with wood shavings, dried flowers, used coffee grounds, plus any little scraps of fabric and cotton from the sewing room. As we fill the cup with dry matter we pour in melted natural wax. This is a by product from our candle making. We often have left over wax, or stubs from our wick trials going to waste. As such, the firelighters usually have some scent, but it’s often a mixture of whatever we’ve been recently making. It’s not unpleasant though and quite subtle. We use wick trimmings too, so the firelighters can be easily lit with a taper.


We accept scrap wax from our customers that use our wax melts and prefer not to wait for them to evaporate completely as well! As long as the wax is natural (soy, coconut, rapeseed) we can recycle it and use it in our firelighters.








Firelighters are sold in taster trays of six, boxes of 14, or in larger quantities on enquiry. They can be purchased directly from our studio/shop in Holt or online via Etsy


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