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Tealights and 2 oz Candles
The Norfolk Collection in 2 oz Candle Ja
Tealight Gift Set

The Folly & Roses candle range includes container candles and tealights. Over the last year we have made the transition from soy wax to a rapeseed & coconut wax blend, and all new stock is being made with this new natural wax. We use no paraffin wax in our range, which as a petroleum based mineral wax, we feel is not sustainable. Natural waxes are softer and more difficult to mould which is why all our candles are containerized. It is also the reason we do not make dinner or pillar candles. 

We use only the finest quality cosmetic grade fragrances, sourced from a reputable fragrance house. None of our products or materials used in them have been tested on animals. We are happy to answer questions about the materials we choose to use, so please ask!

We have several fragrance collections available which are described below. All our candles are available from our studio/shop in Holt and via our Etsy shop. Explore our collections below. Each collection is available as 2oz and 4oz candle jars, tealights and 'Cutie Candle' selection boxes.

The Folly Favourites Collection

These are our bestselling fragrances. Tried and tested scents, some of which have been with us since we first started making candles over ten years ago! Its a mixed collection and great if you're still searching for your favourite types of scent. 

Laundry Day - Lemon Zest - Tailored - Baby Powder - Passionfruit - Mademoiselle - Vintage Vanilla - Gardenia - Japanese Mochi

The Norfolk Collection

We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful rural county, inspired daily by our coastline, countryside and cottage life. This collection is inspired by these surrounding and invokes memories of Summer days exploring as well as Winter nights by the fire.

Lavender Fields - Sea Salt & Wood Sage - Wild Poppy - Sandy Beach - Harvest Moon - Cottage Hearth - Enchanted Forest  - Orchard Fruits - Harbour Mist

The Scottish Collection

How peculiar! you might say, for a company based in East Anglia to have a Scottish collection! Well, perhaps so, but we used to live in Scotland and this collection was created while we were there. Much like our Norfolk collection, it was inspired by life North of the Border! We still have loyal customers in Scotland and we still make this collection available via our Etsy shop.

Moorland Gorse - Midnight Rain - Highland Heather - Whisky & Kilts - Iron Brew - Shortbread - Bluebell Woods - Peat Hearth - Wild Bramble

Rose Lovers Collection

Okay, so this is a bit of an indulgence on my part because I LOVE anything rose scented! I wanted to create a collection for everyone else that loves roses!

Rose & Peony - Rose Geranium - Rose JamRose Velvet - Cherry Rose - Bulgarian Rose & White Amber - Indian Rose - Oriental Rose - Rose & Lavender

The Bohemian Collection

This is a rich, luxurious collection inspired by romantic, bohemian living. Its indulgent, heavy and quite masculine in feel.

Arabian OudAntique Books - Sensual Oudh Wood - Nag Champa - Sandalwood - Bohemia - Sequoia Wood - Old Havana - Celestial


Mini Collections and Seasonal Editions! These are smaller, themed collections which we curate for fun or more often than not, on a whim! Sometimes though, they turn out to be so popular they stay as permanent features!

The Winter Collection

Our seasonal collection is full of warm Winter scents and comforting fragrance. Perfect to set the scene in cosy homes this Christmas.

Christmas Morning - Candy Cane - Spiced Wassail - St Clements - Mulled Wine & Berries - Pecan Pie - Vanilla Spice - Sugar Plum - Patchouli, Nutmeg & Ginger

The Cocktail Collection Gift Box

To compliment our popular Cocktail Bath Bombs, this collection of boozy favourites is a popular gift.

Pink Prosecco - Gin & Tonic - Pina Colada - Mojito  - Maraschino Cherries

The Gardeners Choice Gift Box

Earthy Greenhouse - Tomato Leaf - Newly Mown Grass - Rose Garden - Lavender & Bergamot

Afternoon Tea Collection Gift Box

Created in tribute to the wonderful vintage tearoom next door to our studio/shop, we wanted to celebrate the traditional 'Afternoon Tea' with candles!

Fresh Baked Scones - Cucumber Sandwiches - Earl Grey Tea - Clotted Cream - Strawberry Jam

What are Seconds?

Well, we don't like waste. While its possible to recycle many of the things we use in our workshop, we understand that many people don't, or are unable to recycle things like tealight tins. We like to offer a way of reusing these, and for those that are looking for functional, unscented tealights, 'Seconds' are the answer.

We take donations of used tins, as well as making use of any damaged tins we occasionally get from our supplier, and make perfectly imperfect tealights!

They work as any other tealight would, burn for the same time and are filled with the same high quality rapeseed & coconut blended wax and cotton wicks. They are left unscented and undyed, so are the cleanest burning and most eco-friendly tealights we make. They are perfect for oil burners and everyday use or as a back-up for powercuts.

Can I donate my tins? 

Yes! For anyone wanting to donate used tins, ( or left over wax from used wax melts**, cardboard egg-boxes, or newspapers,)  they can be brought to our shop or mailed to Folly & Roses, 3 Hoppers Yard, Bull Street, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6LN. In return donors are given a 20% off discount card which is valid for 6 months from the last donation date. The discount can be used on purchases over £5.00 (excluding original art work) from the shop or via our Etsy site. 

** natural wax only I'm afraid. We are unable to recycle paraffin and mineral wax blends - and yes, we can tell the difference!  Natural waxes include soy, rapeseed, coconut, or blends of those. 


Recycling Tea Light Cups
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