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We love it when we sell our original art at the gallery, but we appreciate not everyone wants an original piece. Here at Folly & Roses we make many of our original pieces of art available to buy as prints from redbubble.com. By using this site we receive a percentage of each redbubble sale of our work; while the printing, dispatch and aftercare are handled by redbubble themselves, leaving us more time to create! 

There are many pros and cons to using a third party site. Naturally we don't make as much money making prints available this way as we would producing and selling them ourselves, but when you look at the range of items you can have our art work printed on, you'll see why we wouldn't be able to offer such a great choice as this site does! We make our art available on as many products as possible, so whether you're looking for a traditional framed print, or something quirky like a shower curtain, we are confident redbubble has what you're after!

You can visit our full portfolio via our Redbubble.com profile page HERE or click on the art work you're interested in below and see that piece specifically.

Holt Owl
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